Unlike The Doors, this book remains open and it is far from the end. I'm not sure about my methods. 
All I know is that I've written what I've written. I could be over critical . I could compare my words to that of others. I won't. 
I began this process back in September 2018. The screen was blank. Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, font size 12  - - Double spaced. I settled on a title. I had it clear in my brain. I already know the story. I've lived it in some way. It's based on fact and actual experience, with the character names I've played. They could be based upon real people or objects of my imagination. Some scenes and maybe others, are exaggerated for dramatic gain. Through the opening lines, that would later become a different chapter. A beginning I found confusing and maybe far too much information. I spread it over several. 
Life happened. New positions in the world of living. Distractions brought on by impatience and bravery. Mother nature played her…

Cold Nose English

I don't feel the need to comment on society; the flaws of our daily offerings. I can only ever comment on myself. I'm not frustrated that we can't go out. It's all a mindset, if I was ever in doubt.
When you question if you know me, I'm not convinced I know myself. Life it seems is a mere journey through choices. Often times, things said and done - are filled with questions unto ourselves. Why did I get in that taxi and behave as I did? Why did I say that our love was not even real? How did I let you leave? I ruined it without sharing my truth.
Saying goodbye, as much as it felt right at the time. It could have been more about lust, an image of a life lived out in luxury. That could be one thing I'll regret to the end - It wasn't the truth. It was said to set you free.  I can't feel guilty for gifting you with happiness, despite the illusion of pain albeit initially. My words were knee-jerk.
'Cold Nose English' was the label that stuck. Not an utte…

3rd Draft - WFH and endless positive energy

Day 1 - working from the homestead. No need for inane commentary on social situations. We all know. We all breath the same air.

It might be hard to avoid negative news. Negative views and scary interactions. We have technology on our side, playing its part in living our lives.

As I've said far too often. Nothing I can say will ever be original. As with most of our spoken words, much if not - all is merely regurgitated.

I think we must just do our best to live life as safely as we can. Remain creative and inspired throughout. Hold on to hope. For it is our friend.

Stand up, stretch and massage your mind.

Writing is for the long haul and it's worth pursuing.

Third draft. It'll take as many drafts as it will take. Just know, that when you know you're finished. Well that's the time to waste some ink. Get it printed. Red pen, underline, hyphenate and add. Remove with a hand flick and a scribble of a biro. That section is unnecessary. Dylan sounds like a fool. He should…

Document and Implement...

It can be hard. It can be so hard. It's never too hard. There should never be an excuse. I do my best not to make any excuses. You know, if a blustery storm blows down your fence. It's a task. It's a chore. It's something that life throws at you. Albeit trivial, it's still an unwelcome distraction from what you might want to be focusing on. Your aim, as is mine.... is to create and write on a daily basis. Yeah. I like you, have a full time job. We each have our own aims, things we want to achieve. It's about prioritising our endeavours.

It was my aim not only to write on a daily basis but also to update this blog in order to effectively provide ongoing documentary of this process. I think, although I've managed to maintain the habit of writing the novel each and every day....notwithstanding storms and foiled boundaries etc. It almost became unrealistic to complete two at the same time. I suppose you make a choice. Either you sit and watch Vikings on Amazon …

Waking Up With Positive Words

On a day to day basis. I think about words. I think about the dictionary definition. I wrangle with the way it'll be heard. I wonder if it's even correct. If only for a second. I imagine its uses. Is that how I would say it? Is that the correct use of punctuation? What does that word even stir in me? What's the origin? What's the synonym? You can wrestle with a thesaurus, you actually can. For the good it'll do you. You may as well fold. It won't like you in any such literally way. Not one little idiliy bit. That book you considered more holy than thou. Look at it weeping. Look it at now.  Instead of worrying about sounding like this one or that one or the other one championed. I'd sound like yourself. After all, it's you writing this stuff down.

So, when I consider and look at my words. The words on a monitor. The words from my head. It's a satisfying feeling and an obsession all the same. My goal isn't to write as many words as I can. Far from…

I Am Under No Illusion - No One Cares

That isn't a title to beg for adoration, respect or love.

I'm not here for instant recognition or even gratification. I don't want millions of followers, all for the sake of a picture of the crack of my arse. It's like everything in life, when you're starting out. No one cares. Who am I? I'm not an authority on any subject. Not even ones that examination boards may have certified me against. Much of that is attributed to some loosely based focus on the chosen subject for two weeks to embed surface knowledge and scrape through an I.T. exam.

Trust me. I do not consider myself special, entitled or deserving of anything. That's why I'm so content with my position in life. As long as I'm creating what I want to create, whether that be music, words, poems or a novel. It's a long and slow task, but it's fun and I enjoy it. That really is enough for me.

I'm still on the second draft, not much has really changed in that regard. Can't remember…

Haven't Reached My Target - The Date Has Come And Gone

Well....I haven't finished!

I've finished the story, sure. That though, isn't the end.

In terms of words, I'm at 131,034 - this is already the second draft. Word count remains relatively insignificant to me personally. This keeps on increasing and decreasing, either are fine with me. Much of my time is being taken up with reading, editing and adding in everything that I feel necessary to move it forward.

I haven't been religious in the pursuit of updating this blog because well I'm trying to get the 'work' done. I'm not though referring to this as work. It's enjoyable but I don't  want to be one of those people who 'just talks' about things. Usually, I will admit myself when I say I'm going to do something. I do it. Which I've kept up with thus far in my life.

It's been one hell of a journey so far. I said from the beginning that I hoped to get it completed by September this year. That would then be a year and 'done&#…